Upgrade your power with ASRock motherboards and computers on eBay. 

You don't have to be a real player one to appreciate the speed and processing power you get from quality computer motherboards and equipment. For anyone who works or plays in the world of computers, the range of motherboards and PCs produced by ASRock is synonymous with high-end hardware. 

ASRock was originally created as a spin-off company from Asus, back in 2002. They decide to go with a stand-alone brand to compete with companies like Foxconn for the OEM market. Since then ASRock has grown to become a leading brand in its own right. ASRock is now the third largest producer of motherboards in the world. 

ASRock not only is one of the leading innovators of motherboard manufacturing, but they also have some serious eco-credentials developing products with the consideration of eco-friendly concepts. They also have attracted the attention of DIY computer enthusiasts who love their robust nature. 

All their products have to adhere to the 3C design concept, "Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness,'' which has helped catapult ASRock to become the world's third largest motherboard brand with its headquarters in Taiwan. 

 ASRock targets from mainstream to enthusiast MB segments, they have of late been hitting goals with gaming enthusiasts having produced a gaming-oriented motherboard in 2011. 

While ASRock's heritage is renowned for producing motherboards that are quality with high-spec and reliablity, their foray into the home PC market has pushed them to become a consumer-sort recognised brand. 

So to get some serious computing power with ASRock, check out their extensive range on eBay.