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ASUS Monitors

If your monitor no longer works, it's possible to replace it without having to buy a complete new system. ASUS monitors can be purchased separately and hooked up to your current computer. You just have to select the right inputs that are available on your current computer.

Screen Size

One of the first considerations will be the size of the screen. You can select from various sizes, beginning with the small but practical 18-inch. There are several other selections that go all the way up to 31 inches for a large viewing area.


The kind of monitor you choose will depend on how you use your computer the most. A gaming monitor will provide brilliant colour displays, high end graphics and a fast response time. If you like to watch movies on your computer, you'll want to consider HD monitors for the clearest picture. Someone who surfs the internet or does work on their computer may be happy with a basic monitor that provides clear, crisp images.


Compare features that come with these monitors based on your needs. For instance, ASUS computer monitors with built-in speakers are ideal if you like to watch movies or play games with the sound turned on. ASUS computer monitors with widescreen are also ideal for movie enthusiasts because it will feel more like watching a TV or being at a theatre. Consider ASUS wall-mountable computer monitors if you have limited desk space. Anyone who has access to a lot of sunlight from their computer may want to consider an anti-glare screen. Touchscreens offer convenience to users today by allowing them to complete actions using the screen instead of the keyboard.

Other Numbers

Depending on how you use your computer, you may want to consider some important specifications in your purchase of a monitor. The aspect ratio will determine how your images look, which will be important if you like to watch videos and movies. The refresh rate and response time has more of an impact on how fast new images load.