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Asus EEE Batteries

When you run a powerful laptop like the Asus EEE, you need a powerful laptop battery to keep it up and running in any situation. Asus EEE batteries come in 6-cell and 9-cell modules that ensure great battery life and a portable weight for the laptop traveller. These lithium ion battery packs are made to last for many years to come.

Asus EEE laptop

The Asus EEE laptop line was a very innovative laptop for its time. Launched in 2007, it was considered one of the industry’s first 'netbooks' or 'sublaptops' released in the West. Despite its small size, it managed to pack quite a punch in terms of technology. The laptop sported a Celeron M processor, up to 8 GB of flash storage, up to 4 GB of RAM memory, and up to a 10-inch monitor. All of this power came with a price, however, in terms of battery usage, and a top quality Asus battery helps your device run longer on battery power alone.

6 Cell Battery

A 6- cell laptop battery for the Asus EEE is a lightweight solution. Plenty of power to run the device as well as keeping the overall weight of the laptop low are two important factors that make a 6-cell battery a good choice. Expect it to last about 3 to 4 hours on a single charge when actively using the laptop. You can also adjust other settings to save on battery life, such as lowering the screen brightness, closing unused programs, and so on.

9 Cell Battery

For those who cannot charge up throughout the day, a 9-cell laptop battery for the Asus EEE may be the best option. This type holds more power than a 6-cell due to the expanded physical size. It allows the laptop to handle more processes for longer periods. Expect it to last about 5 to 6 hours on a single charge.