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ASUS Home Network Wireless Routers

ASUS Home Network Wireless Routers

Wireless routers provide an easy and convenient way to setup your home network. With a wireless router, you can connect multiple devices without having deal with tangles of endless cables. For optimum performance, the router specifications do matter as differently sized homes need different routers. ASUS has been making routers for years and offers several devices to choose from.

ASUS Wireless Router Range

The router range you require depends on the size of your home as well as the building materials used. Hollow doors, drywall and plaster interfere with the devices performance, while the biggest culprits are in fact solid brick, stone, glass and aluminium studs that you can find in modern apartments. The more walls, floors and windows between your router and the device you need to connect, the more disrupted the signal and the better ASUS router you need. ASUS divides its wireless devices based on the home size: medium, large and very large homes.

ASUS Wireless Router Features

The number of LAN ports becomes essential if you also need to connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable, thus ensuring faster connection. Many smart-home appliances that connect to the Internet also require LAN ports to function. Luckily, if the ASUS router does not have enough ports, you can add some with an Ethernet switch. Another thing to consider is the routers USB connectivity. The USB ports allow you to connect a USB printer, external hard drive or flash drive, for instance. USB 3.0 offers faster data transfer speeds than USB 2.0.

ASUS Wireless Router Compatibility with Other Devices

An outstanding ASUS wireless router cannot work miracles if the devices you own do not work with better and faster Wi-Fi standards. If you only have wireless-N devices at home, then it is not worth investing into an 802.11ac router. Instead, get a router with the same standard to optimise your home network.

ASUS Wireless Router Bands

ASUS has three types of wireless routers in terms of the type of band. The single band routers are the slowest and simplest devices, while the ASUS dual-band home network wireless routers already provide twice the bandwidth that a single band router does. For even faster speeds, choose a tri-band router like the ROG Capture GT-AC5300 that is perfect for gaming purposes.