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ASUS Laptop Power Adapters

ASUS Laptop Power Adapters

A laptop, just like any other electrical equipment, is only able to run on a given constant source of energy. Every laptop is equipped with a battery that stores the power to run the laptop for a given duration of time, but what happens when the battery runs out of charge? This is when your ASUS laptop power adapter comes in handy; it will not only power the laptop but also recharge the battery. Without an Asus laptop charger, youll not be able to do anything with your ASUS Laptop other than admiring its beautiful finish and design. Its worth noting that having a laptop charger is one thing and having a working laptop charger is the other.

Why Did My ASUS Laptop Charger Fail?

It happens that all things electronic have a finite life; they fail after a certain time. Here are some of the causes

  • Dirty power: This can stress components. Normally, your ASUS AC adapter heats up and cools down each time you use it and this may cause the internal parts to corrode.
  • Power surge: Unexpected power surge from an AC line is capable of frying the converter found in the sealed box of the ASUS laptop charger.
  • Broken plug: If your detachable plug has broken, cut or shorted out, then you had better replace it as soon as possible lest you end up burning down your house.

How Do I Know the Correct ASUS Laptop Charger for My Laptop?

To Identify the correct replacement charger, youll need to ascertain which type of ASUS laptop you own. Here are the methods that you can use to find out the model name of your laptop:

  • Check the plastic bezel: At the back of your laptop, youll find a label with the model name. Alternatively, turn your laptop upside down to find the model name.
  • Reboot the system: When rebooting your system, just hit the "Del" key once you see the BIOS-EZ Mode and youll be able to see the information on the screen. Its only with the exact model name that youll be able to make the correct choice on the ASUS laptop charger for your laptop.