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ATTIPAS Baby Shoes

Attipas Baby Shoes

Finally hearing the pitter-patter of little feet around the house? It may be time for some Attipas baby shoes. Even before babies begin to walk, shoes appear on their feet to help keep them warm, comfortable, and even adorable. Attipas offers a complete line of baby shoes and toddler shoes like the Attipas 100 per cent cotton baby shoes and the Attipas rubber baby shoes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of little feet.

Why Attipas Baby Shoes?

Special steps: that is the loose translation of the Attipas brand. Attipas takes that concept seriously by making shoes that are attractive as well as unique. The uniqueness of the shoes has a purpose that goes beyond making them look cute; the main goal is to make shoes that serve a purpose. Almost a decade of research went into the design of these award-winning Attipas shoes, which are recommended by many Australian podiatrists.


At first glance, people may look at Attipas baby shoes and mistake them for socks. While the shoes do resemble socks, the similarities end there. The principle behind the shoe design is based on the concepts of offering baby, toddler, and preschool shoes that are durable, safe, breathable, convenient, and flexible. The shoes are as light and breathable as socks but have the flexibility, durability, and safety of ergonomic shoes.

Sizes and Styles

Attipas shoes come in sizes that range from small to XXXL. These sizes cover children from six months to at least four years of age, depending on the size of the feet and shoe necessary. It is a good idea to measure the foot of the child before purchasing shoes to ensure a proper fit. Attipas offers models like Argyle, Polka, Cutie, Corsage, Ballet, Robot, Sneaker, and Herb Organic, as well as other attractive choices for boys and girls.


Need leg warmers or insoles for the young ones? Attipas offers these items plus an assortment of other accessory items for babies and toddlers. Attipas leggings and knee pads are also great accessories for toddlers and babies.