Up Your Gaming Skills With An ATX Motherboard

If you’re a gamer, your PC needs to be fast and have amazing graphics. That’s why most gamers install an ATX computer motherboard into their desktop computers.

What is an ATX motherboard? 

ATX stands for Advanced Technology Extended. The ATX motherboards come in 3 sizes. There are the standard size, MicroATX motherboards and Mini-ITX motherboards. ATX motherboards were first introduced by Intel in 1995. The standard models are large motherboards with a standard size of 30 cm by 24 cm. MicroATX motherboards measure 24cm by 24 cm and Mini-ITX motherboards measure 17 cm by 17 cm.

Of course, the standard ATX boards will give you the greatest capability for your gaming needs. On all large ATX motherboards there are standard locations for mount points, power connectors and the I/O panel.

These standards are crucial to ensure the smooth running of your PC and also the safety during operation. For example, the mounting points ensure that the motherboard is kept away from the metallic casing. This prevents electric shock while your PC is in operation.

In addition, the I/O panel allows you to access the rear ports so that you can plug in your display, audio cables, USB devices and the power cable.

Important features to consider when choosing an ATX Motherboard

When selecting an ATX computer motherboard, there are certain features that you need to consider. These include:

  • CPU power
  • Memory
  • Processor speed
  • SSD stability
  • Temperature control & detection
  • Cooling fans & fan speed control
  • Number of USB ports
  • Wifi connectivity ports
  • Audio ports
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Number of expansion slots
  • Graphics card
  • Support
  • Included software

Before you an ATX motherboard, you should make a list of your personal requirements and then compare those available to find exactly the one that meets your needs. You’ll find everything you need, and more, on eBay so start browsing today.