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AUTOart Jaguar Diecast Vehicles

Always wanted a Jag while you were growing up, but don’t have the money or the space between your mortgage and single garage? AUTOart makes high quality scale models that are almost as satisfying to own as the real thing. They have diecast Jaguar scale models of cars from all over Jaguar’s storied history. Whatever sleek beast you fancied in your youth, you’ll find a lovingly detailed scale model of that car here in a variety of sizes and colours.

Diecast Scale Choices

AUTOart Jaguar diecast vehicles come in different scales, like 1:8, 1:18, and 1:43. That way you can arrange your collection however you want, with the F-Type your uncle had when you were young as the larger centrepiece, and the other cars arranged around it in smaller scale. These aren’t toys; they’re collectibles, and if you have any little ones running around you should put your AUTOart scale models in a case or on top of a shelf they can’t reach.

Through the Ages

AUTOart produces scale models of famous and classical cars from the past, but it also produces replicas of more modern vehicles, like limited edition cars and contemporary diecast cars and trucks that have already become iconic in their own right. On top of that, AUTOart also does exclusive replicas of cars from movies such as the James Bond series, or the Interceptor from Mad Max.

More Choices

In general, AUTOart diecast cars, trucks, and vans include every model of every make that you would expect to be able to get a scale model of, and many more. Besides scale, you can also filter for colour, as well as search for a few highlight years of Jaguar cars. AUTOart has a dedicated factory that produces nothing but their products guaranteeing a solid and consistent quality of the product.