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AUTOart Pagani Diecast Vehicles

The AUTOart Pagani diecast vehicles are detailed models that are highly collectible and come in a range of styles, models and sizes to expand your collection of these spectacular cars. The carbon fibre models with amazing details are specific to the AUTOart diecast cars, trucks and vans and are sought-after diecast models for their excellence. These diecast vehicles make the perfect gift for avid motor sports fans, young and old.

Scale Sizes

Diecast cars come in many different scales ranging from 1:64, which is approximately 3 inches in length to 1:18, which is approximately 9.5 inches long. AUTOart specialises in designing sports cars specifically to replicate every detail from the steering wheels, car decals to the brakes.


AUTOart Pagani diecast vehicles are collectible items that are released specific to each year and are designed to be an exact replica of the full-size, high powered sports car. The designs of each year vary and are released with specifications to match the true size vehicles of that particular year. AUTOart contemporary diecast cars and vans are for display purposes and are boxed to keep these intricately detailed models in pristine condition.

Display Features

The AUTOart Pagani diecast models have a background with the insignia of the Pagani branding and model name. When unboxed, these beautifully crafted diecast vehicles have the added feature of scissor doors, a functioning hood and boot, as well as complete interior detailing of the engine areas and interior of the car. The rims of the car are an added immaculate feature to admire that you can display with pride. They will be a talking piece in any collection whether you are just starting to collect specified cars or you have an expansive collection you have been adding to for many years.