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AUTOart Subaru Diecast Vehicles

AUTOart Subaru Diecast Vehicles

AUTOart is a Hong Kong company that makes replicas of vehicles, specifically car makes and models, at a smaller scale. Both car companies and enthusiasts enjoy their offerings. For greater authenticity, AUTOart models use the same specifications of the cars they are representing. Often, the brand replicates high end and sports vehicles, but it also creates diecast vehicles of commercially popular automobiles, like Japanese car manufacturer Subaru. These replicas are collectors items for car enthusiasts. You can even see these models at car dealerships and car companies.


AUTOart goes through an extensive process with hundreds of experts to create each model. Save for size, these are exactly the same as their larger counterparts. They have the same wheels, mirrors, and parts. Depending on the model, doors and car hoods open, revealing the interior and auto parts.


The most common size of diecast vehicles by AUTOart is a 1:18 ratio. Therefore, the model is 18 times smaller than the vehicle. Other sizes sometimes come available, as well. 1:43 is another option that is sometimes available, and it is significantly smaller than the 1:18 AUTOart diecast vehicle.


Depending on the model, diecasts can come from any number of materials. The manufacturers of these model cars create molds to pour materials into, creating the frame of the vehicle. These materials can be virtually anything that can hold shape, including metal, plastic and rubber.


Because sports and race cars are particularly popular within the diecast vehicle market, Subaru is a popular brand. They have many impressive cars in their arsenal. AUTOart Subaru Diecast Sport Touring Cars and AUTOart Subaru Diecast Racing Cars are two popular groups of model vehicles in the AUTOart Subaru range. Enthusiasts likely base their choices on their preferences and the collectability of the diecast vehicle. Some model cars are rarer than others, and those in good condition with packaging are likely to be collectors items.