Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art

With origins going back as far as 80,000 years ago, Aboriginal art has a long, cultured history. Created by native indigenous people, the artwork has its own one of a kind style, and each piece tells a stunning story. The oldest pieces were created using rocks as canvas, but now Aboriginal artwork has modernised and is available on canvas and in sculpture form to add an artistic and eye-catching touch to your home.

Paint in Broad Strokes

One of the most popular formats of Aboriginal art is Aboriginal art paintings. Available in different shapes and sizes, the paintings range from broad strokes of colour to detailed dot paintings. Choose wall-sized paintings or smaller options, or hang several together to make an impact. Paintings offer a wide array of subjects and colours to pick from, so choose the piece that moves you the most.

Hands On

Aboriginal art isnt limited to paintings. Aboriginal art sculpturesoffer a different way to showcase your love of Aboriginal pieces. Created, carved, and painted by hand, sculptures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depicting an array of images. Some of these include animals, such as lizards, boomerangs, spiritual totems, or people. Each piece is different, and the artefacts make a stunning addition to a coffee table or shelf.

Off the Subject

Topics of Aboriginal art range widely, but some of the subjects youll commonly see painted and sculpted include animals, bush medicine leaves, landscapes and deserts, and some Art Deco pieces that have a more contemporary, modern look. If you love the lure of the stories, choose by topic, or simply let your eye go to the colours and shapes that appeal to you.

The Real Thing

Once youre ready to pick a piece, consider whether youd like to own original Aboriginal art, or if youd rather pay less for a reprint piece. Original pieces retain the beautiful texture and eye-popping colours the artist intended, while reprints are a budget-friendly way to enjoy the arts. Originals and reprints are available in many sizes and price ranges, and theres usually at least one image that resonates with each art lover.