Above Ground Pools Pool Covers

Above-Ground Pool Covers

Installing outdoor entertainment equipment in the backyard, such as a swimming pool, provides a place for family and friends to cool off, play water games and enjoy the sun. Pool covers are important accessories that have other functions in addition to keeping your pool clean and preventing someone from accidentally falling in. Youll find the appropriate size that fits comfortably in your designated space in materials that hold up to wind, rain and continuous exposure to scorching heat or cold weather.

Cover Rollers

In addition to purchasing pool covers, you can buy a portable cover roller that includes a heavy, maintenance-free aluminium frame on wheels. It has an attached hand crank supported by stands on each end. To make the job easier, treated wheels enable one person to manoeuvre the reel when rolling or unrolling the cover as often as necessary each season.


Not only does a pool cover keep debris out of the pool and people safe, it reduces water evaporation and holds in the heat to save energy normally expended to warm up the water. Once the season ends and you complete winterization tasks, such as draining the pump and filter, review the inventory of winter protection pool covers so the pool stays protected from harsh winter elements.


Mesh covers are lightweight, may last for up to 15 years and let water drain through to the inside. By the same token, the material has a close weave to keep bugs and small debris from entering the pool water. Likewise, mesh covers may include a treatment to block up to 99 per cent of the suns rays to extend the products useful life. On the other hand, solid covers block everything so you dont have tiny pieces of dirt and sand at the bottom of the pool come spring. Because water sits on top of the material, most of the covers come with a pool cover pump to remove accumulated water from rain and snow storms.


When choosing a pool cover, measure the widest and longest areas of the pool and choose the closest size, whether buying a round, rectangular or oval cover. Additionally, your measurement should take into account ladders, steps and water features that need protection during summer and winter months.