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Get Australian build precision audio with Accusound

Accusound has been one of the best-known names in high quality speakers and sound systems in Australia for nearly 30 years. These are all genuinely Aussie-designed and built speaker systems which suited Australia's audiophiles demanding needs and wallets.

No longer in production, Accusound audio systems are highly sought after as they're well-made, long-lasting systems. Both recent and vintage Accusound speakers and speaker systems are available on the used and collectors' markets, and the company itself has pledged to honour all warranties for as long as it is reasonably possible. As a result, trade in these unique examples of Australian technical know-how and efficient design is still brisk.

Accusound Hi-Fi speaker systems

Accusound first made a name for itself in the 1990s by creating well made, low distortion stereos and Hi-Fi systems. Most models feature heavy, powerful woofers and tight, precise tweeters, and offer overall excellent sound quality with any high-end amplifier setup.

Whether 20 years old or more recent, these speakers are perfect for listening to music of any kind, adding as much to classical music with their precision and rich, mellow tones as they do to the heaviest rock with their sheer power.

Accusound home theatre sound systems

Accusound made a wide range of home theatre and surround-sound systems before they ceased production not long ago, and they are still icons of Australian technical expertise. Most are fully functional five-channel systems which can bring your TV and movies to life with the same thunder and precision they bring to your music.

Individual Accusound speakers

In addition to sets, it is possible to buy individual or paired Accusound speakers. This is ideal if you need to replace an individual unit, or if you simply want to build a Hi-Fi or home theatre system around a pair of these genuine Australian legends.

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