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Acer Laptop Batteries

Your Acer laptop may be a good computer that excels many tasks, but without a lasting battery, it may not be very useful. The more you use your laptop, the more its battery loses its ability to hold a charge you don't have it plugged in. A high quality battery not only ensures your laptop a longer runtime when out and about, but it also makes it operate faster. Better quality battery cells are also lighter and thus make your computer easier to carry around.


The first and foremost concern regarding any battery is its compatibility with your Acer laptop. A battery with higher capacity might be tempting, but if it does not attach to your computer or does not work, it becomes useless. Know your laptop series, because despite the brand of your battery, it might be for a different brand computer, such as Acer laptop batteries for Gateway, but more than likely, you might find a battery that's for a specific model, like a laptop battery for Acer Aspire. You can also rely on the part number that you can find in the computer's system information. Try to match it with the new battery. The part number helps to identify a part unambiguously and is the safest option.


The battery capacity refers to its runtime and indicates the total amount of energy it can store inside. The more spacious the battery, the longer it runs. The measurement unit for capacity is amperes, or the volume of electrons that pass through the battery's electrolyte per second. Generally, the higher the capacity, the more expensive the battery. You may also want to check if your Acer laptop has some limits in terms of battery capacity.


Voltage refers to the energy potential and a laptop battery has four different voltage types that affect its life. You need to select the battery according to the nominal voltage of your Acer laptop, as you cannot change the voltage of the computer. Common voltage values include 7.2V, 9.6V, 10.8V, 11.1V, and 14.4V. Choose a replacement laptop battery with the closest value to that of the original.

Other Features

The numbers of cells determines how long a battery can last. The more cells in a battery, the more capacity it has. You also need to know the kind of chemistry your battery uses. Most Acer laptops require a lithium-ion based battery, while the Ni-Mh technology is becoming less popular.

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