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Got one to sell?

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Acer Laptop Power Adapters

No matter how powerful the battery, your Acer laptop probably wouldn't last for long without charging it every now and again. You can remove a power adapter when you need to work on the go or simply do not want the wire to get on your way, then reattach and plug in whenever you need it. However, this also means that it's easy to lose, especially if you do not make it a habit to carry it in your laptop case. Luckily, you can purchase a new one and get back on track in no time.

Reasons to Use Original Adapters

Obviously, the original adapters that come with Acer laptops work the best and are compatible with your computer. Moreover, Acer strives to reduce its environmental impact by implementing several designs and using eco-friendly materials, with as little waste as possible. When choosing an AC standard adapter or charger for Acer, you are contributing to better environment.


Laptops differ in their specifications, and no computer is exactly the same as the other. If you have an older model, the adapter socket could be slightly different and not accept newer adapters. Therefore, to be on the safe side, always choose the adapter that's for your computer model and series, such as power adapters and chargers for the Acer Aspire series.

Auto Adapters

You might also want a separate adapter for your car. As there are no ordinary power outlets inside vehicles, you need a special car adapter. Instead of a wall, the adapter plugs into the cigarette lighter and can convert the 12V voltage from the car into the necessary value for the computer. Such adapters are useful when you are on the road a lot, as you can recharge your laptop while you drive and have it ready to use by the time you arrive at your destination.

Why Use the Correct Adapter

Many people have additional cables, chargers, and adapters lying around their house. Often, these are so old that no one remembers what they power. While it might seem like a great idea to use one of them for your computer when you lose or break your dedicated adapter, consider otherwise. You could damage your device, or it might not work properly. Moreover, it could even lead to a fire due to excess heat.

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