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Acer Laptops and Notebooks

There are a million and one different ways to use a laptop, but whether you’re doing business on the go or playing games at home makes a big difference in what machine is going to give you the best result. Acer has a wide range of options, including the Aspire for household and small business use, the portable Swift, or the powerful nitro.

Power Where You Need It

Acer’s powerful gaming range consists of the Nitro and Predator series, which boast portable power in a mean-looking package. The Nitro comes with a handsome 15.6” screen, 16 GB of RAM and a solid state drive for responsive gaming. The Predator laptops take it up to eleven with a 17” screen and a range of features such as improve cooling and dust protection to make sure your laptop is running optimally when you need it to: always.

For Everyday Use

For some people, the most important thing a laptop needs to do is turn on every morning. Acer Aspire laptops and notebooks are designed for everyday household use, as well as light business use such as keeping records and doing your taxes. The Aspire series features sleek and handy design along with all of the memory and power you’ll need.

Anywhere, Anytime

The great thing about laptops that you can take them anywhere, but not all laptops were created equal in this department. The Acer Swift laptops were designed with a focus on comfortable portability. That means they’re thin, lightweight, sturdy, and engineered for an improved battery life. None of that means a loss in capabilities though, and you’ll find plenty of Swift laptops among Acer’s 8 GB laptops and notebooks.

Community and Support

Acer is a big brand, and that means plenty of other people out there who know how to help out if you ever have any problems with your Acer PC laptop. The Acer website has a forum that allows people to meet, exchange ideas and tips, and ask questions. Additionally, you’ll be able to download manuals and drivers for your laptop and all other Acer devices there.