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Acer Notebooks/Laptops

Acer Notebooks and Laptops

Buying a new laptop may be a difficult endeavour for many, simply because there are so many factors to take into account before deciding which would meet all your needs. Acer laptops are some of the most popular around, and the company offers a wide range of designs with specs to suit all needs. Whether you are looking for a powerful Acer PC for gaming and video editing or simply a lightweight notebook that you can take with you everywhere, you can find a suitable Acer laptop.

Acer Aspire Laptops

Suitable for those who are looking for a mix of power and style, the Acer Aspire range features laptops that come equipped with powerful Intel Core i processors, fast NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic cards, and even Dolby sound to make gaming and movies come to life. All Acer Aspire laptops come with strong and consistent wireless signal and DDR4 memory for fast data transfers.

Acer Spin Laptops

If youre looking for a thin and lightweight laptop that you can easily carry around every day, the Acer Spin series are the perfect choice. These versatile machines transform into a laptop or tablet with a simple move, so you can easily use one of the four modes to get the right fit every time. Acer Spin laptops have a battery life of up to 8 hours, so you can use them the entire day on a single charge. These laptops have various memory options, so if you only need a basic machine for simple tasks, you can go for Acer 8 GB RAM notebooks. However, if youre always multitasking, Acer 16 GB RAM notebooks would be a better option for you.

Acer Predator Laptops

The Predator series is designed with gamers in mind and works perfectly for those who want all the power of a gaming PC on the go. Acer Predator laptops come complete with multiple coolers for those intense gaming sessions, as well as the PredatorSense feature that gives you instant access to multiple gaming features to improve your experience.