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Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Applying nail polish is tricky business, and even a perfect application of the sturdiest polish is going to chip and wear off eventually. Usually you’ll want to re-apply the polish well before every last flake has come off on its own accord, and so you need some way to get the whole thing off without leaving a trace or smear of colour, especially if you’re looking to apply something quite different from what you had on there before. Acetone is the single most common type of nail polish remover. It removes nail polish quickly and effectively, as effectively as possible without becoming dangerous for users.


Acetone nail polish remover can come as several different products. You can get a jug of acetone to carefully apply to some cotton and then use that to rub the nail polish off your nails, or you can get wipes, which more or less let you skip the first step. Similar to wipes are the pads, which you leave on for a few minutes to dissolve and absorb the nail polish. Nail polish remover pads and wipes are preffered by some since they remove the polish quickly. There are also Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab