Acne Studios blend photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture into ready-to-wear garments, magazines, furniture, books, and exhibitions as one of the most sought after brands in the world. 

Acne Studios is a Stockholm-based fashion house that produces collections defined by juxtaposing design and attention to detail, with an importance on quality tailoring and a diverse use of materials and custom-developed fabrics. The collections are for men and women with ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories and denim. Acne Studios are also a member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) which monitors and improves labour conditions at the factories where Acne products are made.  

The Acne Studios Collection for women offers fashion-forward, quality garments ranging from tops, jackets and jeans to footwear and accessories. eBay stocks a range of new and vintage pieces from Acne's timeless collection which smaller brands use as the blueprint of where to go next. The world of fashion constantly has their eyes on what Acne Studios will do next. 

The Acne Studios men's collection offers the same level of quality and style as the women, for the gentleman who likes to keep a casual chic about his appearance while also being extremely luxurious. Suitable for men of all ages, Acne Studios will ensure you are always smart, yet on-trend.  

As one of the premier brands in the world when it comes to trendsetting, Acne studios love of art and design help create their unique aesthetic that never seems to miss the mark as far as modern, yet timeless fashion is concerned. Shop the best prices for Acne pieces on eBay today and stay ahead of the fashion curve.