Acoustic Bass Guitars

Acoustic Bass Guitar

You will most likely hear a bass guitar in almost all forms of modern music, and while the electric bass guitar is often seen making a splash on the stage, the acoustic bass guitar on the other hand, does not need amplification. The acoustic bass guitar is very similar in design to a traditional acoustic guitar. It has a hollow body, which resonates and elevates lower frequencies more effectively, even without an amplifier.

Acoustic Bass Guitar Design

Similar to the regular six-string guitars, acoustic bass guitars are available in various shapes and styles. Some styles resemble the dreadnought guitars and others have the cut away design that increases fret access near the soundhole. Shape and configurations aside, you also have various finish options to suit your personal taste. Acoustic guitars are typically made of wood, which may vary to produce a certain visual or sound effect. Some guitars are made with two different types of wood at the front and back, which is said to produce two different tones.

Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitars

The electro-acoustic bass guitars are a little different from regular acoustic bass guitars in that they have a built in pickup or microphone and pretty much everything else that is required to drive a mixer or amplifier. This means you can power them up or use them unplugged depending on your musical needs and equipment availability.

Fretted vs. Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitars

You have the option of choosing between a fretted or fretless bass guitar. Fretted acoustic bass guitars produces a more precise tone due to pressing the strings directly to the metal frets running along the fingerboard. On the other hand, a fretless fingerboard imitates a regular double bass, which produces softer sounding strings.

Acoustic Bass Guitar Scales

Acoustic bass guitar scales refer to the length of the guitar strings that are able to vibrate freely. These strings that stretch from the nut to the bridge are measured between these two points and span between 30 and 35 inches. This is a scale from short to extra-long. An acoustic guitar’s standard is a log scale measuring 34 inches.