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All your favourite Action Figures

Whether you want an entire playset of action figures or a single character from a specific franchise to complete your collection, you will find what you need right here. From contemporary toys to historical action figures and comic book hero action figures, we've got everything in one place.

Whether you're a fan of DC Comics or Marvel comics, it won't take long to find your favourite character toy on eBay. Collect the entire Justice League or go for a solo hero such as Spider-Man or a Batman action figures. If you or a loved one intends to play with their action figure, choose a toy with posable limbs such as a DC Batman toy from the original DC Comics.

If you're a fan of soccer, basketball or WWE, find an action figure or toy of your favourite athlete or competitor. From a WrestleMania toy to an action figure of your favourite footballer such as Cristiano Ronaldo, there's plenty of action figures to choose from.

From Game of Thrones to Star Wars and Transformers, there are countless examples of an action figure from a popular movie or TV series. Pair Batman with a Batmobile toy or get your hands on your favourite Star Wars action figure for a great price. Marvel has also released a great selection from The Guardians of the Galaxy, so you can own a mini Groot toy action figure or go for a hero from your favourite TV series.

Playsets and individual figures are available and offer hours of endless fun and imagination to your kids. Dinosaur fans will love a T-Rex toy or a largely sized action figure of their favourite farm animal.