Adairs Quilt Covers

Adairs Quilt Covers

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not spend that time in comfort with Adairs quilt covers? Luxuriate in a finely crafted doona cover, with a large variety of patterns, colours, and materials to pick from, so not only can you sleep in splendour, but also match any bedroom decorating theme. From single and double to king and superking, there are Adairs quilt covers for every bed.

Kids Quilt Covers

Help ease your children into a restful slumber with Adairs kids quilt covers. Adairs offers many designs, guaranteeing that youll find one that will delight your child. From pink ballet-themed doonas to simple white-and-aqua, from rainbows to dinosaurs, youll be spoiled for choices when it comes to a durable, warm cover. Kids covers come in single and queen sizes, and add some variety with reversible quilt covers.


Cotton is the most common material used in bedding, for good reason; its soft, durable, easily washable, and very warm. Its not the only material, however, that can offer you comfort. Linen is another popular fabric used in bedding, though its tendency to wrinkle may put some consumers off. Chambray is similar to linen, but the way its woven makes it look similar to denim, but it shows colours more softly and is lighter.


Pick any colour in the rainbow, and Adairs bedroom quilt covers has something in that hue. Even better, Adairs offers quilt covers in fun patterns, including stripes, watercolour flowers, abstract pastel shapes, and colourful plant life. For more conservative bedding, pick a quilt cover in neutral tones, including greys, whites, and light browns. Pastel lovers will adore the soft teal, light pink, and dusky blue doonas, and those who want a more daring doona will enjoy the bright red, polka-dotted, and mustard-yellow models.


Besides top-notch quilt covers, Adairs also offers products to fill any bedding need you could ever have. Since sheets are essential to a good nights rest, and you should replace them after several years, get your next set from Adairs, with a variety of thread counts and colours to choose from. Fill your bed with Adairs pillows, plus pillow protectors to make your pillows stay fluffy and comfortable, and blankets for colder nights.