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Adams Golf Clubs

Adams Golf is an American golf club manufacturer that was in business between 1991 and 2012. Many famous golfers were, and still are, users of Adams Golf clubs. They are popular for creating custom fitted clubs. Today, you can find Adams Golf clubs new and used through third party sites. The four most common types of clubs that Adams Golf produced were hybrids, iron set golf clubs, drivers, and wood clubs.


As the name might imply, hybrid, utility golf clubs are a combination of two popular styles of clubs, wood and irons. Oftentimes, golfers will use hybrids instead of irons, as many find them easier to hit. Wood gives the club more distance and is generally more forgiving. Iron aids in proper swing. Adams golf clubs prides themselves on ball speeds using their hybrid models.

Iron Set

Because irons are excellent for swing mechanics, golfers use them in many sticky situations. When a ball ends up in hazard areas like shallow water and sand, the iron set is a good tool to use. That said, golfers also use them on the fairway or on short hole tees. Adams irons are famous for being able to get the ball up into the air with slower swings.


These clubs may have the shortest, but they are also among the heaviest in clubs. This combination makes these excellent for short-distance shots, especially when the ball lands in undesirable locations, such as the sand. It has enough strength to be able to get a ball out of tall grass.


In opposition to the wedge, woods have taller shafts and large rounded heads. Although these are not usually wood any longer, they often use materials like lightweight titanium or carbon fibre. This light club with a tall shaft is great for long distance shots. Adam's slot technology helps golfers get under the ball for a cleaner shot.

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