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How does it work?

Changes can be stressful for dogs and cause out of character reactions. Adaptil is one product that will help to keep your furry friend calm and reassured during stressful situations like going to the vet, travelling in the car, staying in a kennel, moving home and changes in the family.

Adaptil releases a pheromone similar to the pheromone that is released by a female dog to calm her brood of puppies. This scent is orderless to people but powerful for dogs. It is proven to reduce stress related behaviour such as cowering from people, hiding away, excessive barking, chewing and destroying things in the home.

What to look for

When shopping for Adaptil pheromone products on eBay, it's important to remember that you are looking for a medical grade calmative for your pooch. If you are buying a generic brand of the same product, look for an APMVA approval. This stamp of approval means that the product has been tested by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and is safe to use on your pet.

If the product you purchase doesn't have an APMVA stamp of approval, it is an illegally imported or counterfeit item. These items do not come with a manufacturers warranty and could be harmful to your dog.

Diffuser or collar?

You are able to purchase Adaptil in two forms which include a collar and a diffuser. The collar is great if you need to ensure your dog is getting constant pheromone or if you are taking the dog outside of its usual environment. The collar is perfect for dogs who need to remain calm while socialising, travelling, training or kennelling. The Adaptil collar should fit easily with other dog collars.

The diffuser is a better option for dogs and puppies who need to be kept calm while they are at home. As the diffuser is plugged into the wall it won't interfere with flea and tick remedies.

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