Adjustable Height Home Office Desks

Adjustable Home Office Desks

Whether standing or sitting, working in one position all day can put unnecessary strain on your body. Adjustable height desks are invented to keep us in good physical condition while working for extended periods of time. Adjustable models transform from a standard desk to a standing desk in seconds and most of them are able to do that without removing anything placed on top of the desk. They come in various designs and have a list of features aimed at making your workday more comfortable.

Manual or Electric

The first thing you need to consider when choosing desks with an adjustable height is the adjustment mechanism. You can choose between manual and electric adjustment models. Electric mechanisms are a bit pricier, which increases the cost of the electric adjustment desks, however, the conceptual difference is far greater than the price.

Manual Adjustment Desks

There's more than one type of manual adjustment desks. Crank-adjustable models are most popular as they allow users to raise and lower the desk without moving anything from it. The crank is usually located on one of the sides and it equally adjusts its surface without compromising stability. One-time adjustable models use telescope legs and locking pins. These models are only good if you do not change positions often, as you need to clear the desk before readjustment and use some assistance to lock it in its new position.

Alternative Adjustable Desks

There are some manual mechanisms that offer further assistance in adjusting the height using counterbalance weights, springs and gas struts. These still count as manual adjustment models, though making height changes is a lot easier when compared to turning the crank. Specs for each model describes more details on the maximum load they can support on top of the desk.

Electric Adjustment Desks

The electric adjustment desks are very easy to adjust and some of them even come with a remote control. Maximum load capacity might be an issue here as well, however, computer desks with adjustable height usually do not have many heavy objects on them. Desks that have to support larger machinery on top might need a more powerful electromotor. Of course, there are models that can even lift 200kg on them, which is just about enough for any use you have planned.