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Adjustable Motorcycle Shocks

Motorcycle shocks serve two purposes. First, they improve the comfort of a ride, taking away the harshness of the bumps on the road. Secondly, they are an important factor in a motorcycle's handling and braking. Motorcycle shocks may be adjustable or non-adjustable. Ride in greater comfort with adjustable motorcycle shocks, which allow users to tune behaviour to match different conditions, such as the weight of the rider or the type of road.


The two main types are coil-spring and gas-filled motorcycle shocks. Coil-sprung models use a metal spring, while air-sprung types use compressed air as a spring. While both are adjustable, air-sprung shocks are easier to adjust and more versatile. All you need to do is increase or decrease air pressure. Coil-sprung shocks on the other hand, may require more work to adjust. However, while air-sprung shocks are lighter, the heavier coil-sprung models can be cheaper and are usually able to withstand harsher ride conditions.

Possible Adjustments

Motorcycles with non-adjustable shocks force riders to adjust their riding style or pay close attention to the roads and speeds they choose to use. With adjustable shocks, you can change things to match your riding style. It is possible to adjust the spring preload to match the weight of the rider and any gear added to the motorcycle. Some shocks also offer the ability to adjust compression and rebound. Adjusting rebound can make a soft and bouncy motorcycle stiffer, while adjusting compression can prevent shocks from bottoming out. Lastly, some models allow users to adjust the ride height of the motorcycle to suit taller or shorter riders. Besides adjustable motorcycle rear shocks, front ones can be adjustable as well.


The main reason most riders upgrade to adjustable shocks is for the performance benefits and versatility. However, it is also important that the new shocks match the style and finish of the motorcycle. Aftermarket adjustable motorcycle shocks are available in different colours, materials and finishes.


Before replacing the stock shocks on your motorcycle, make sure that the replacement will fit. The main measurements to look for are stroke length—the maximum movement of the shock—and eye-to-eye length—the distance between one mounting eye and the other.

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