Adjustable Strength Training Benches

The weight bench is a key part of any home or commercial gym. Adjustable strength training benches can be used to perform an extremely wide range of exercises.

What Can I Do With an Adjustable Strength Training Bench?

Strength training benches aren't only useful for bench press sets, although they are definitely good for that. In fact, a bench can be an extremely versatile exercise tool.

  • As well as the classic barbell or dumbbell bench press, strength training benches can also be used for other muscle-building movements like dumbbell rows, chest flys and tricep extensions.
  • Adjustable strength training benches are also great for bodyweight exercises. Exercises like incline crunches, glute bridges and decline pushups are all easier to perform with a weight bench.
  • Strength training benches can even be used for stretching. A lot of different leg and hip stretches can be done with a workout bench.

Why is Adjustability Important?

Flat strength training benches can be used for a lot of great exercise, but adjustable weight benches open up a whole range of movements that can't be performed flat.

  • The head of most adjustable weight benches can be lifted into an incline position to allow exercises like the incline bench press and incline crunch. Some adjustable benches adjust far enough to achieve a seated position.
  • Some weight lifting benches also allow the feet to be lifted for a decline position. Decline benches can be used for all sorts of weighted and unweighted exercises like decline presses and decline crunches.
  • Depending on the bench, the seat may also be adjustable when the bench is in the incline position for extra comfort.

Which Other Features Should You Look For?

  • If you want a weight lifting bench specifically, look for one with a sturdy rack at the head. If you are bench pressing heavy barbells, this is much more stable than using freestanding weight stands.
  • If you want to move your workout bench around, look for one with wheels. These are usually designed so that the wheels only touch the ground when the bench is tilted so it will still be totally stable during use.
  • A bench with leg rollers at the end is very useful for bodyweight exercises like crunches. The rollers on many adjustable benches are removable.