Advanced Nutrients

Revolutionising hydroponics with Advanced Nutrients

One of the most popular nutrient brands in the marketplace, Advanced Nutrients has revolutionised hydroponics. The brands team of top scientists are working hard night and day to develop products that will keep your grow room growing bigger, tastier, and more plentiful crops.

On eBay, youll find a wide range of Advanced Nutrients products including Organic OIM, Nutrients, Coco Bigger Buds, Base Nutrients, plant fertiliser, and Coco Base Nutrients. These tried and tested nutrients have been designed to give your crops exactly what they need when they need it most.

Organic OIM

If you want to keep your growing room totally organic, youll need Advanced Nutrients Organic OIM line. These organic products are fully certified Organic OIM by Californias Organic Input Material Program, the highest standard in the industry. Youll find a range of Advanced Nutrients Organic OIM products, including Big Bud Organic OIM, Bud Candy Organic OIM, Iguana Juice Organic OIM Grow & Bloom, and Ancient Earth Organic OIM.

Base nutrients

Advanced Nutrients base nutrients use pH Perfect Technology to automatically stabilise and lock in your pH, within the optimal range, keeping it there for one week.

Advanced Nutrients offers a range of different base nutrients, including pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom, pH Perfect Sensi Grow Parts A & B, pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Parts A & B, pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Parts A&B, and pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom Parts A&B. Many of these high performance base nutrients are available here on eBay.

Coco Bigger Buds

Coco Bigger Buds delivers a unique combination of bud potentiating ingredients for your flowering plants, helping you to grow big buds and the huge yields youve always dreamed of. Youll find a variety of Coco Bigger Buds products on eBay allowing you to ensure that your plants bloom as brightly as possible, alongside a variety of seed starting supplies to get your crops started.