African Antiques

African Antiques

African antiques are some of the most fascinating specimens of human artistic ability and whose varying design trends make for excellent decor in any modern home. Masks generally predominate African collectables, but pottery and other stoneware have survived through the centuries. While not as ornate as oriental antiques, the birthplace of humanity has a lot of culture to offer and share through its many pieces of interesting art.

Glass African Antiques

African glass antiques are vibrant, colourful articles that combine simple design with ornate beading. Many come in the form of necklaces and other jewellery, mainly of Egyptian origin. As part of the cradle of civilisation, it is one of the pioneers in ornate jewellery, which is evident in their beautiful necklaces made of delicately detailed glass beads. Bracelets made of ancient reed glass are great accessories but are also good for displaying on vanities or framed in shadow boxes. Glass trade beads may look plain, but their historical value is significant because they were used as token money for goods and services. So there’s a good chance that an African merchant used those same beads to buy livestock or even valuable real estate.

Wooden African Antiques

Wooden African antiques are the most common of African ornaments but are impressive nonetheless. Vintage Zulu animal masks have intimidating countenances and seem as though they are infused with primal spirits, while mythical spirit idols in semi-gloss finishes can stand watch over your home. Wood carvings are detailed depictions of African life, beliefs and culture, so hanging one on your living room wall or office can impart personality to a bland area.

Antique African Weapons and Tools

Weapons and tools give you a glimpse of the development of human ingenuity, and antique wooden tools of Africa gets you as close to its roots as possible. An ornamental wooden axe looks good on a mantle while bows, spears and clubs are menacing decor pieces yet interesting conversation starters. Additionally, a long, ornate wooden pipe that has likely been used by a witch doctor can sit nicely on a modern desk. A contrast between the old and the new is a great way to upgrade the look of your office, so choose an antique African tool to achieve that theme you want.