Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Collect beautiful African notes

Collecting African Notes isn't much different from collecting works of art, as some of these notes truly stand out for their design and fabulous use of colour.

Colour and designs

If you like the colour and beauty of these collectible notes then your collection would not be complete without Equatorial Francs of Kenya and Zanzibar. The famous French Graphic artist Frank Medina excelled himself with a vibrant design celebrating local animals and native culture. Another colourful banknote is the fifty shilling Somali Mogadishu North forces note, sold in an uncirculated condition.

Trillion dollar notes

What really stands out here on eBay is the Zimbabwean one hundred trillion note. This note has the most zeroes of any legal tender in recorded history. The main design of this banknote is of three balancing rocks which could be symbolic of the teetering economy that has plagued Zimbabwe over the decades.

Sadly at the time of issue even the country's central bank couldn't afford the paper they were printed on, you'd have been lucky if it even covered the cost of a pint of milk. After hyperinflation the country abandoned its own currency and since 2009 has been using other currencies in lieu of its own. These notes are now collectors' items and also available to buy in bundles.

Celebrating famous people

You'll recognise some faces on the African notes. Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa, issued a five hundred Rupee note in 2017 sporting the portrait of the musical genius Freddie Mercury. You might be surprised to know that Freddie was born in Zanzibar. On the South African 10 Rand note, you'll recognise Nelson Mandela with a powerful Rhino on the reverse side.

Whether you are a collector of first runs, novelty items, or historical notes you will enjoy the variety to be found here on eBay.

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