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Seat Belts Save Lives So Get The Right Type For Your Car

If you need a replacement seat belt because the dog ate it, the tongue of the seat belt got caught in the door as it was being slammed shut or because the seat belt buckle no longer secures the seat belt, eBay has what you need. No matter the reason for needing to replace your seat belt, you will find plenty of aftermarket branded seat belts to choose from. You will find front and rear seat belt kits, racing harnesses, retractable seat belts, as well as seat belts to suit sedans, wagons, panel vans and utility trucks.

Advantages of seat belts

Wearing your seat belt when you drive or ride in a car can save your life, but only if you do it right. The belt should go over your shoulder, not under or next to your arm. It should be tight to your body. If you wear the shoulder belt the wrong way and you get into an accident, it could hurt your ribs or damage your internal organs. The lap belt should not be worn across your stomach, but over your hips. Benefits include:

  • Secures you: will keep you in the best position to avoid a crash.
  • Prevents ejection: Fatalities are more common when someone is thrown from a car; seatbelts keep you in your car.
  • Stops your body moving in an accident: If you don't buckle up, your body will keep moving at the same speed as your car after the crash. With a seatbelt, it slows down.

Choosing seat belts

Many seat belts are vehicle-specific, however there are a range of aftermarket ones that will fit any make or model. There are many versions of car seat belts:

  • Seat belts with automatic buckles
  • Retractable seat belts
  • Multi-point seatbelts, such as 3, 4, 5, or 6 point seat belts
  • Two-point seat belts, such as lap or sash belts

It is important to purchase the correct aftermarket seat belt to suit your vehicle. There are plenty of types to choose from, including a VZ Commodore seat belt replacement or a Toyota seat belt replacement.

Use the blue ‘enter vehicle info’ above the product to narrow your search to products suited to your make and model car. Then shop happily by features, like racing, quick release or easy installation and type such as seat belt, seat belt extender or seatbelt clip, depending on what you need.