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Air Exercise Bikes

Indoor exercise bikes are an excellent and comfortable way to stay fit without exposure to the elements and the risk of road accidents. While there are different methods used to simulate resistance in these bikes, air exercise bikes use fan-generated air resistance.

How It Works

Air exercise bikes feature a very simple mechanism compared to other exercise bikes. The resistance here is provided by a large fan. The fan is connected to the pedals, usually with a belt and pulley. When the user starts to pedal, the fan rotates and generates a breeze. The breeze in turn generates resistance, making it harder to pedal. For more resistance, the user must pedal faster.


Since air exercise bikes feature less moving parts, there is less that can go wrong as compared to other exercise bikes; this means in less maintenance. As there is no contact between parts, fan-based bikes are quieter and smoother to operate as well. Moreover, the fan generates a breeze that helps cool the user unlike other exercise bikes.


All indoor exercise bikes are either standing, upright, or recumbent or semi-recumbent exercise bikes. Air exercise bikes are no exception. Upright models feature ergonomics similar to regular outdoor bicycles. They can be useful to maintain fitness specific to outdoor cycling. On the other hand, recumbent models feature wide seats, lumbar support and pedals positioned in front of the body. These are more comfortable for those who need the support or have difficulty balancing.


Some indoor exercise bikes feature moving arms. Using them can help burn more calories by including the upper body in the workout. In addition, some models have heart rate monitors to provide you real-time feedback and hence the knowledge needed to increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts to match your goals. Higher-end models feature displays that give you a quick overview of important workout information, such as speed, heart rate and calories burned. Lastly, consider models that have plastic fan blades for a safer experience indoors.

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