Buying airflow meters & anemometers on eBay

Whether you’re an experienced HVAC technician or a novice energy consultant, you know that your tools matter. Tools like air flow meters and manometers help you do your job effectively and efficiently, so you want to make sure you have the right tool for the job. Buying airflow meters & anemometers on eBay is a matter of deciding which tool you need, the measuring range you require, and the additional features you can’t live without.

Wind flow versus air flow

When you’re looking to buy air flow meters or anemometers, your first task is deciphering which of the tools you need. Some air flow meters and anemometers are designed to measure the speed of the wind. These types of meters come in handy for any weather-related situations. Other air flow meters, on the other hand, are designed for professional technicians who need to measure the flow of air from an air conditioning unit.

Measuring range

If you often work with air-expelling systems, you know that air can move at a massive range of velocities. Most air flow meters and anemometers can only read within a certain range of these velocities. For example, some air flow meters will read speeds between 0.3 and 30m/sec, while others can read 0.4 to 40m/sec. Consider the range that will best suit your situation before making your purchase.

Additional features

If you already own several industrial test meters & detectors, you might be looking for a unit with something extra. Some air flow meters & anemometers have specific features such as the ability to read temperature, an attachable hood, or mounted telescope. These features may be especially important if you work with large commercial units, so consider your needs before choose your meter.

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