Air Pad Camping Sleeping Mats with Self-Inflating Mattress

Choosing a self-inflating mattress

Ready to ditch the huff and puff of the inflatable mattress? Check out eBays range of self-inflating mattresses to find one that fits the bill.

A good night sleep is always essential, and this might be even more important when youre camping. You need to be well rested to enjoy the fresh air, participate in outdoor activities safely, and stay alert for a long drive home. From tent assembly to kindling collection, theres a whole lot of preparation camping requires, so its important to cut down the work where you can. The self-inflating mattress is one of the best camping mattresses you can find, and will save you from having to blow up your camping mattress manually or using a loud and bulky inflator. Theres a lot of choice when it comes to camping sleeping mats, so how should you choose the best self-inflating mattress for you?


The first feature you should think about when purchasing a self-inflating mattress is its size. Many camping mattresses are made specifically with hikers in mind, meaning they are as small as possible while still being comfortable. If youre a hiker or camper who only carries a backpack, a small self-inflating mattress might be right for you. However, if you plan on using your mattress for family camping trips or for use at home, you might consider buying a larger size.

Bonded vs non-bonded

There are two types of self-inflating mattresses. A bonded self-inflating mattress features a foam rubber layer, which is then encased in a waterproof lining. This type of camping mattress tends to be compact and easily inflated. When you want to deflate, you simply loosen or remove any caps, and roll the mattress back into its compressed package.

A non-bonded self-inflating mattress tends to be bulkier than a bonded mattress, but also comes with a cheaper price tag. A non-bonded camping mat with self-inflating mattress features a series of rubber pieces, which is what accounts for its larger size. These pieces are enclosed in a waterproof layer, similar to a bonded mattress.

No matter which self-inflating mattress you choose, youre sure to find a better night sleep and save yourself time on your next trip. Browse eBay today to find your next essential camping accessory.