The Air Purifier Buying Guide

The high levels of pollution in modern cities often make us question just how good the air is for our health. There may not be much we can do to control the air outside of our homes, but we can certainly do something about the air inside. With an air purifier or an ioniser, you can keep your family safe against pollutants and also help to reduce allergic reactions. Along with air conditioners, they can help to boost the comfort and quality of the air in our homes. There is a wide range of air purifiers available on eBay.

What Do Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers use a filter to pull particles out of the air, allowing you to breath cleaner air with less pollutants and allergens. Several different technologies are commonly used in home air purification. An electrostatic ioniser does not clean all of the air and can only neutralise 30% of the particles in the air, however one advantage of these systems is that they do not have filters that need to be changed.

An Ozone purifier can kill microorganisms and remove odours, however they release Ozone, which is also a lung irritant. These ionisers aren't recommended for the home. A HEPA filter is the most effective type, however they do need their filters changed regularly.

What Substances Can Be Filtered Out By Air Purifiers?

HEPA filters are excellent for removing smoke, pollen and dust from your air. They aren't very good at removing fumes such as cleaning products, paint and other chemicals. If you find that your air is moist, you may find it best to team your air purifier up with a dehumidifier to dry out the air. This will also help to reduce mould in your home, making the air cleaner for your whole family.