Hydroponic Environmental Controls

Hydroponics is a type of growing or gardening in which no soil is used; instead, plants are grown in a highly rich and water-based environment. As such, hydroponics requires a bit of a different set of gardening supplies, and essentially follows a vastly different type of instructions when it comes to growing. To make sure that the environment is perfect for hydroponic growing, youll need a few key supplies to ensure your plants, vegetables and other products are growing successfully.

Carbon Filters

As hydroponics is something you work on as an indoor project, one of the main problems that can occur is a bad smell. Many rooms that grow hydroponically have persistent, bad odours that can be tough to get rid of. This is why you need a carbon filter that runs in the room, typically for up to 24 hours out of the day. This filter removes the CO2 from the air, as well as airborne pathogens that may be harmful to your crop. Odours are more than just a bad smell; they can potentially harm crops, rendering them unusable.

Fans for Growing

In addition to filters, youll also need fan types for growing. Centrifugal fans are the most effective for hydroponics, because they have enough torque to move air around in the room. If you are using multiple lights, however, you may need to invest in other types of exhaust fans to properly circulate air throughout the room, and move toxic air out of the room.

Exhaust Fans

Dedicated exhaust fans are important to get toxic air out of the room. With these types of fans, youll most likely purchase a complete intake ventilation kit, so that air is swiftly moved outdoors, away from your hydroponic garden. There are vastly different types of exhaust fans and kits. Look for complete models that also come with hoses, speed controllers and ducts for an easy DIY project.

Grow Lights

By the time you need enviromental controls, most likely your grow lights are set up; however, if not, grow light kits are an important part of your hydroponic seed starting supplies and are perhaps the most necessary key to having a successful hydroponic garden. You can purchase extra bulbs and hydroponic lighting systems, or you can purchase complete lighting kits, setting up the systems yourself. Keep in mind that the more ducted lights you include, the more environmental controls and exhaust fans you will need.