Air and Water Dental Flossers

It is important to maintain good dental hygiene, and one of the bests way to do this is by flossing. It is not always easy to find the time to do so, but air water dental flossers are a great new innovation that makes flossing easy. These new systems combine the benefits of air pressure and water in order to efficiently remove plaque build up on your teeth. Not only are they more effective, they are also much quicker to use than the traditional dental floss and picks method.

Water Pick Flosser

A water pick, also known as a water flosser, is a dental device that has a motor, water reservoir and a flosser tip. They are particularly popular with people that have difficulty flossing due to lack of time or ability, and they work by pushing water through the teeth to remove plaque. It is a great follow up to your brushing, as it will clean deep within the teeth where you toothbrush cannot. You can usually vary the power setting in order to suit your personal preference, and it is recommended to start on a lower setting if you have sore gums. The best practice is to use traditional dental floss in conjunction with a water pick, as this well help to ensure a thorough clean. Waterpik dental flossers come in a range of different sizes, and they have been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of gingivitis and plaque.

Airfloss Flosser

The alternative to the water pick is the airfloss. These systems are considered to be less effective, with water flossers showing up to an 80% improvement over air flossers. The air floss machines use a stream of air and only a very small amount of water in the form of droplets. The main advantages of the airfloss system is that it is much smaller and they are completely cordless due to the lack of water reservoir and hose. They are usually slightly more expensive, and ultimately the choice between a Waterpik or Airfloss will be up to personal preference.

Replacement Tips

If you have a family that would also like to use a Waterpik or Airfloss system, then you can purchase extra tips. Each member of the family can have their own personal tip which can be replaced each time they use the device. This helps to maintain good hygiene and safety for the whole family, and it means you only need to purchase one device for the entire household. There are a wide range of replacement tips that can be purchased for both systems.