Finish off your outfit with Nike Air Force

If you are looking for cool, on-trend trainers and sneakers by one of the biggest brands in the world, Nike, then take a look at the one and only, Air Force footwear. Whether you love hi-tops, low-tops, or both, the Air Force label gives anyone wearing them instant style credentials. There is a huge range to choose from here on eBay, from brand new styles to retro vintage options.

Air Force was created by the renowned brand, Nike. The first Air Force shoes were created in 1982 with the slogan “air in a box” and were the first basketball shoe that were made with the Nike Air technology of an air-filled pocket under the heel, for comfort. There are now hundreds of versions of this iconic Nike trainer and people all over the world continue to love and appreciate it for sportswear, as well as fashion.


Originally paired with basketball playing, over the years hi-top trainers have become fashion icons of their own. Styled with long basketball shorts or jeans, the hi-top Air Force trainer is now one of the most popular trainer styles in the world. Take a look around on eBay and see the huge selection of hi-top Air Force trainers available, in a wide array of colour choices.

Original Nike Air Force 1 trainers are classic in their full black or white design. However, find options in black, beige, and even multi-coloured colourways. Riccardo Tisci, hugely famous for leading high end, fashion brand, Givenchy, did a collaboration with Nike to design his very own version of the Air Force 1.


The low-top version of the Air Force shoes are just as popular and available in a massive range of styles, colours, materials, and collaborations. There's a sneaker for every style and taste, ensuring you can find a Nike men's trainer to suit your taste.