Airbrushing Supplies

Airbrushing Supplies

Airbrushes are widely used both by painters and by home improvement specialists for a variety of applications. Designed to provide paint to a wide area, these tools combine air and paint together and then shoot the mixture through a hollow needle. Before buying an airbrush, it is important to familiarise yourself with the various airbrush supplies and kits available. You should also take the type of artwork you intend to make into account, as this affects the type of supplies you need.

Airbrush Hoses

Airbrush hoses, while often overlooked, are essential to working with airbrushes. The hose feeds air through it, and if the hose is cracked, the loss of air can cause the airbrush paint to change composition and eventually obstruct the nozzle and needle. When searching for hoses, make sure that the hose is compatible with the airbrush brand you are using, as many companies manufacture hoses to fit only their models.

Airbrush Holders

Before beginning an airbrushing job, consider investing in an airbrush holder. Airbrush holders are designed to secure airbrushes so that they do not roll off the table and incur damage. When shopping, make sure that the holder you choose is made with heat-resistant plastic.

Airbrush Needles

Over time, airbrush needles may become compromised, typically from small nicks and scratches. They may also begin to bend, which can impede paint-mixture flow. When this happens, it is time to replace the airbrush part. When shopping, keep needle material in mind, as the needle should be made from a corrosion-resistant metal, such as aluminium or steel. It is also important to consider needle size, since needles are sized in fractions of millimetres. For fine-line painting, invest in a smaller needle. On the other hand, painters who are working with a larger canvas may prefer the versatility that a larger needle offers.

Airbrush Cups

Painters who work for extended periods of time typically prefer to feed their paint from a storage vessel to the nozzle via a cup; however, these detachable airbrush cups may become compromised by the formation of small cracks during use. As such, it is important to replace them periodically. The new cup can then be attached underneath the airbrush body.