Improve the comfort and pleasure of flying, and potentially reduce your fatigue after a long day, with a great aviation headset available from eBay's extensive range. Whether you're looking for your first pilot headset, a replacement for your existing pair, or additional headsets for your passengers, you're sure to find exactly what you need, right here.

Focus on the important sounds

Aviation headsets come in two types, offering either active noise reduction (ANR) or passive noise reduction. ANR uses a microphone to record the ambient sound, then filters this sound out to reduce the low frequency noise in your environment, leaving you free to focus on voices and other important noises. ANR requires power to function, either using batteries or power from the control panel. On the other hand, passive noise reduction headsets tend to use padding to reduce noise levels, utilising gel or foam to muffle sounds.

Enjoy the benefits of pilot headsets

All aviation headset specs should note the noise reduction it offers in decibels. The higher this value is, the better the headset is at reducing noise reaching your ears. It's also worth considering the type of microphone on the headset, so you can communicate clearly. Electret microphones are the most effective at transmitting your voice while cancelling other noises. Carbon microphones are a cheaper option, and dynamic microphones provide a middle ground in terms of price and noise cancelling abilities. Some aviation headsets also have Bluetooth capabilities, which allow you to make calls from your mobile phone or listen to music through your aviation headset.

Comfort at any altitude

When comparing the options, ensure the headphones you choose are well ventilated to prevent potential discomfort during changes in altitude. Meanwhile, well padded cups will keep you comfortable on even the longest of flights. Whatever the aviation headset you need, you're sure to land a great set at the right price here on eBay today. And, if simply can't enough of flying, you might want to check out eBay's range of aviation collectables and other aviation gear as well!