Your Style, Your Way: Buy High-Quality Aircraft at Reasonable Prices

The glitz and glamor that come with flying your own aircraft surpass most luxuries. If you love the thrill, then buying an aircraft for sale on eBay can be as thrilling as flying for the first time. Just make sure you are aware of the basics before your adrenaline takes over.

Types of planes for sale on eBay

There are many active listings of airplanes on eBay, and the majority fall into these four categories:

  • Single-engine pistons: These include high-performance models such as those from Beach Bonanza, Mooney Aviation, and Acclaim. A number of tail-draggers and trainer aircraft are also in demand.
  • Twin-engine pistons: While these airplanes are not as common as single-engine pistons, you can always buy classic aircraft known for their all-round performance. These include legends such as the Diamond DA62, Tecnam P2006T, and Piper Seneca V.
  • Single-engine turbo props: In recent years, buyers have realized that they can achieve great value using the utility and performance of single-engine aircraft for sale. Some of the well-known manufacturers are Daher, Piper, Cessna, and Pilatus.
  • Twin-engine turbo props: Beech King Air is the supreme choice if you need a twin-engine turboprop. These remarkable airplanes for sale are easily upgraded to match the performance of a small jet.
Tips on buying a plane for sale

When buying an airplane for sale, it's easy to get lured by the charm of these planes forgetting that you may be buying more than you require. Stick to your budget because there are lots of choices in the market to meet your requirements. Similarly, new planes don't mean that they will be safer than planes made in the middle of the 20th century. They all have mostly similar aerodynamic qualities that make used airplanes a practical choice among buyers. If you're a novice pilot, start with a light aircraft to get used to flying. In fact, you should also consider the after-sale service of the manufacturer, which plays an important role in keeping the cost down and maintain your aircraft.

Why is time before overhaul (TBO) important?

Every used aircraft requires periodic maintenance. The maintenance is done after the airplane has completed a specific number of hours in the air. If you're buying a used plane, keep an eye on the TBO as it indicates the time when maintenance was last conducted. As the cost of maintenance is often high for all types of airplanes, you may be able to negotiate a lower price on eBay for aircraft with upcoming scheduled maintenance.