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If you're passionate about miniature model aircraft, you probably already know all about Airfix. The UK-based company have been making miniature aircraft kits since 1939 and are easily one of the most-loved producers of model planes and helicopters in the world. Want to start or add to your model vehicle collection but felt put off by the price tag of Airfix products? Shopping on eBay is the answer. There are hundreds of Airfix kits including aircraft, vehicles, ships buildings and figures up for grabs right here at your fingertips on eBay. 

Airfix made a name for itself manufacturing model plane kits, which remain synonymous with the brand name today. Airfix's collection has grown to include dozens of designs, including military aircraft, dogfight doubles and helicopters. Shopping for a young budding engineer? You'll find items suitable for different age levels on eBay, from eight to 16 years old all the way up to adults. Seasoned collectors will be thrilled to find Airfix sets from different eras, like the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and present day. If you want a certain colour model, look no further than eBay. Choose between a whole rainbow of shades, from black, white, red and grey to beige, green, blue and silver. 

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