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Airflex Men's Shoes

Airflex Mens Shoes

Airflex has been making shoes since 2008, but the companys roots reach back over 120 years to 1892 when a young man opened a boot repair shop in Western Australia. The makers of Airflex shoes bring these many years of experience to the table and design shoes that are trendy and stylish with a special focus on emphasising comfort and durability. The brand offers both formal and casual styles of mens shoes in different materials.


Airflex shoes come in materials, including leather, tough canvas and textured fabric. The company prides itself in using premium materials in order to produce shoes that not only look good but are also durable and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.


Airflex mens shoes also come in different styles to suit a variety of looks. Add the finishing touches to a formal look with a pair of Airflex leather shoes or relax over the weekend in a pair of casual canvas sneakers. Moreover, the company updates its collections every season with new models that are in touch with current global trends, thereby offering men a thoroughly modern selection of shoes.

Technology and Comfort

While Airflex shoes are stylish and modern, the company uses a variety of technology to ensure comfort. Shoes with the brands Everlite technology feature advanced outsoles that reduce weight while maintaining durability, meaning you experience less stress on your feet. In addition, all Airflex Flexifit shoes have removable socks to allow the use of orthotics, thereby ensuring you dont have to sacrifice style to keep your feet comfortable and healthy. In addition, Airflex uses a shock absorbent system called the Energy Pod that is placed in the heel of the shoe to reduce impact stress in this sensitive area. Lastly, the brands Ultraflex shoes maximise flexibility to ensure natural, unimpeded foot movement.