Get your collection off to a flying start with airline collectibles

Airline collectibles are a ripper choice for extending your travel memories and pleasure. View the vast selection on eBay, you will find a wide range of practical designs, and vintage and retro transportation collectibles to choose from.

Practical airline collectibles for everyday use

Luxurious first-class aviation collectibles include designer amenity bags made from real leather. Choose from men's and women's BVLGARI exclusive kit bags containing a selection of pampering skincare products. Other aviation options containing a variety of accessories are also available. Rare empty amenity kits are an alternative option.

Lounge around in comfort with airline memorabilia that are designed for in-flight relaxation. The packing cells include high-quality cotton Qantas business class PJs. Choose from a range of airline sleepwear styles for men and women with luxury slippers and writing kits also available.

Retro Qantas travel bags are perfect for carrying your stuff around whether you're travelling or not. The practical gym style bag has a zip opening and a shoulder strap. In-flight tote bags with carry handles are also available in a choice of original designs.

Rare mid century aviation memorabilia include Qantas airlines ashtrays. The unique ‘Q' shaped ashtrays are made from bright red durable plastic. Other smoking accessories and vintage BOAC melamine ashtrays from the 1960s are also available for use.

Practical luggage tag key rings are popular airline memorabilia. The split ring features a double-sided high-quality embroidered tag that features the airline logo and tagline, ideal for aviation memorabilia enthusiasts.

Stylish airline and aircraft collectibles for display

Deluxe die cast model airline collectibles are accurate replicas of the 747 Boeing jumbo jets. The resin moulded models are highly detailed and decorated with authentic airline advertising. Choose from a range of 1/200 scale models that are displayed on a wood stand.

Vintage black and white original photos featuring aircraft from the mid-1950s are stylish aviation collectibles that can be framed and wall mounted. Full colour advertising images are an alternative decorative option for display.