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Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Generally when a motorcycle owner feels the need to purchase a new exhaust system, it is usually for the purpose of replacing a damaged one or for a performance upgrade of some kind. Motorcycle exhaust systems fulfill a variety of duties including routing carbon monoxide away from the rider and towards the back, noise control, and improving the overall performance of the motorcycle engine.

Motorcycle Exhaust Selection

While there is a vast list of motorcycle silencers, mufflers and baffles, buyers can narrow down their selection based on the reason for needing a new exhaust system in the first place. Many times buyers want to optimise their speed, lighten the load or increase or decrease the noise factor. The system chosen generally depends on which reason is more prominent.

Akrapovic Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

There are quite a few names associated with exhaust systems for motorcycles, but Akrapovic has established themselves as a global supplier of systems with a high impact on performance, durability, lightness, and sound. Akrapovic motorcycle exhaust pipes are supported by leading race teams and motorcycle manufacturers.

Motorcycle Exhaust System Parts

The exhaust system is made up of multiple parts including the cylinder head, which creates a closure for the cylinder so that it forms a combustion chamber. Other parts may include the manifold, which in turn accepts the gasses from the cylinders, a turbo to increase power, a catalytic converter to lessen the toxicity of the exhaust gas, and a muffler to decrease the amount of noise emitted. Additionally, the necessary gaskets and seals may be provided to be used during installation. Buyers will need to check on which parts are provided in the system and compare them to their own system needs.

The Complete System

In some instances, the entire exhaust system may not need replacing, but it may be more economical and safe to purchase a complete system to ensure all parts are compatible. However, smaller components can often be purchased to match a specific exhaust system. For instance, buyers can source Akrapovic motorcycle exhaust gaskets and seals separately, but still be able to match them back with a specific Akrapovic system for certain motorcycle makes and models.