Iconic, Australian, hats from Akubra

Designed and manufactured in Australia since 1984, Akubra hats have become iconic, particularly the brands bush hats famously made from rabbit fur felt with wide brims.

This Aussie family business has been making these famous hats for almost a century, in fact, theyve made over 25 million of them to date. On eBay, youll find a wide variety of Akubra products, including hats, accessories, and belts. Discover your ideal Akubra items here on eBay for both men and women to complete any outfit with some authentic Australian charm.

Akubra Hats

Tough, resilient, lightweight, and waterproof, complete with UV protection, Akubras hats are ideal for all conditions and occasions, ensuring you remain cool, dry, and protected from the rays of the sun.

The company manufactures a wide range of hat styles, from fedoras and homburgs, through to bowlers, pork pies, and trilbies. Within the Akubra Hat range, there are over 100 different styles, in various colours and brim widths.

On eBay, youll find a wide range of mens Akubra hats, including Boonie hats, Cowboy hats, Outback hats, Top hats, and more.

Akubra Accessories

As well as their huge collection of hats, Akubra also produces accessories, which will ensure your hat looks its best and performs to the optimum standard for years to come.

The Akubra chin strap will keep your hat firmly on your head, even during blustery conditions, whilst the hat stretcher will allow you to maintain the size of your hat or even stretch it out up to one or two hat sizes if required.

Akubra Belts

Akubra produces a range of quality belts that meet the needs of Australians in all walks of life. From Akubra mens belts for suits through to casual belts for jeans, this collection of belts is available in a selection of colours and styles, ideal for any type of outfit.