Alarm Clocks & Clock Radios

Waking up with your perfect alarm clock radio

Like it or not, sometimes we all need to make sure we're out of bed nice and early, which is when an alarm clock is essential. Whether it's digital or analogue, an alarm clock needs to look smart, keep good time and be loud enough to wake you up. There are projection, LED and even tiny travel alarm clocks and clock radios available, so there's sure to be a style to suit your routine. 

Radio alarm clocks

The beauty of a radio alarm clock is that you'll be woken by music or a radio host talking, rather than a relentless beeping or ringing. For many deep sleepers, the jolt of hearing a loud alarm is not a nice feeling, whereas a radio set to a music station is far more likely to gently rouse a tired sleeper in the morning. 

There are DAB and FM radio alarm clocks, so the range of stations that can be accessed is potentially huge. Many also offer USB charging so you also know where to find your phone every morning too. Digital alarm clocks often offer the choice of bright or dim number settings as well, which is perfect if you like to check the time during the night without turning the main light on. 

Traditional alarm clocks

For many people, the reassuring ticking of a clock helps them nod off to sleep, this is when a traditional alarm clock is perfect. The retro aesthetic of an analogue alarm clock with the two bells on top suits a modern vintage themed home, and the lack of a digital display means there are no glowing numbers to disturb sleep in the night. For those who don't appreciate a ticking clock but still want the retro feel, there are silent sweeping arm designs, which still have the traditional clock face and hands but without the tick tock noise.