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Alcohol Carriers

It's easy to make wine, champagne or beer portable with the aid of alcohol carriers. There are many ways to carry a bottle of wine to your next picnic, dinner party or wedding reception. Carriers come in numerous designs and provide multiple features, so make sure to select a carrier based on what it's made of, on how much alcohol it holds and on whether you need to keep bottles chilled for extended periods of time.

Alcohol Buckets

Buckets with handles make it convenient to carry drinks from place to place and keep them cool at the same time. These range from inflatable buckets that are perfect for poolside use to unbreakable, durable buckets crafted from polycarbonate plastic. Another option is to opt for a stainless-steel champagne cooler that holds one or two bottles of bubbly and keeps them on ice. Some buckets come with a lid and a handle, while some do not.

Alcohol Bags

Bags come in a variety of looks and materials, including insulated neoprene, paper gift bags, leather wine bags that hold as many as two bottles of wine and polyester bags. They come in many colours and designs, and choosing a bag depends on whether you require insulation and on whether you're giving a bottle as a gift. If you're gifting a bottle, select a fabric, burlap or paper gift bag to house the bottle, but if you're taking a bottle to drink, keep it cool in a neoprene bag with a handle for portability.

Alcohol Coolers

Like regular outdoor or picnic coolers, alcohol coolers are insulated to keep beer, wine or champagne cold and ready to drink at a moment's notice. Coolers come in assorted sizes, depending on how many bottles you need to carry, and there are even coolers meant to carry and keep one bottle cool. A cooler meant specifically for wine bottles is just the right size to hold a bottle as well as supplies, such as glasses, all in one handy cooler with a convenient carrying handle. Cooler sleeves (also called can coolers) are insulated sleeves that fit over a can or bottle to keep individual drinks chilled. These come in a variety of colours and designs.

Alcohol Thermoses

Vacuum-sealed thermoses keep wine at the right temperature using thermal insulation. These look like traditional thermoses do, but they're specially designed for wine. Made of stainless steel, wine thermoses are sleek and come in numerous colour and design options to allow you to take your wine on the go without looking too conspicuous.