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Alcohol Carry Bags

You can make any bottle of wine portable with an alcohol carry bag. Available in a variety of designs and materials, these bags make it easy to carry wine to take to a dinner party or give as a gift. They're also great for picnics or any other occasion where you'd like to have a nice bottle on hand. Carry bags have different features, so choose the right one based on several different factors.

Bag Types

There are several types of alcohol carry bags to select from. These include gift bags, if you're presenting a party host, friend or family member with a bottle of wine as a present; wine or champagne tote bags, and coolers. There are also gift sacks which make holiday gift-giving a bit more festive. These colourful bags do double duty as a wine-bottle cover and work as instant gift wrap in a pinch.

Bag Materials

When it comes to what carry bags are made from, the possibilities are endless. From paper to PVC gift bags, there are many options from which to choose. PVC bags allow you to add ice to keep your wine or champagne chilled, while fabric, burlap or velvet gift sacks make a colourful present. Neoprene wine coolers are insulated and can hold up to four bottles, while leather wine carriers have a sleek and stylish appearance and may work well for formal weddings or parties where aesthetics are important. Polyester is another option when it comes to wine carrying bags. Paper holders come in the form of gift bags for a single bottle, or paper carriers that may hold two or four bottles.

Bag Features

One of the most important features of alcohol carry bags is insulation. If you're taking a bottle of wine or champagne to a party or a reception and you need to keep it cool until you're ready to imbibe, an insulated carrier or cooler keeps your beverage chilled. Other features include durability, portability and bag design. Bags with a built-in handle make it easy to carry your alcohol, while reusable bags are an eco-friendly choice.

Bag Colours and Designs

You may wish to choose an alcohol carry bag based solely on design. To that end, there are neoprene bags that range from solid-coloured styles like red or black to options with graphic designs that include polka dots or floral patterns. Gift bags vary widely in their design and colour, and cloth gift sacks come in many colours and design options. Leather bags typically utilise solid shades, and some even have a see-through window so that you can view the wine without opening the bag. There are even wine totes that allow you to carry the wine horizontally in a purse-like bag.

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