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Showcase your collection with Alcohol Racks

Display your alcohol collection in style by browsing the range of great options of alcohol and wine racks on offer.

A wine rack is the best accessory for any wine lover, and would even make a thoughtful gift. But don't stop at wine, have a whole bar-worthy selection of alcohol beautifully displayed on a rack, shelf, or cabinet, rather than clinking around in kitchen cupboards out of view.

Make your bottle storage part of your home décor for a grown-up look that oozes class. A stylish wine stand or holder is the ideal way to keep your best bottles ready to drink at any time.

A selection of styles

These essential wine lovers' accessories come in a great variety of styles and materials. For a rustic Italian look, a wooden alcohol rack or wine bottle holder is a lovely choice. If you are a real connoisseur, you probably need a large rack for your cellar to house your growing collection for many years to come. You'll find a whole selection of wood finishes, from light beech to darker mahogany-like tones.

For a romantic look, ornate wrought iron alcohol racks are a great choice. You'll find a lovely choice of intricate designs to choose from, all pretty as a picture for an elegant storage solution.

For a contemporary style, you can't beat stainless steel or chrome racks, with their gorgeous glossy sheen. Choose between a wall mounted rack to keep your surfaces clear and uncluttered or countertop racks that can sit on your kitchen island or living room table for the ultimate in easy access.

For a home bar look, hanging your liquor bottles up is a popular trend, allowing you to display your most precious wines like a piece of art. Some bottle hangers also store glasses, so you have everything you need on hand at a moment's notice.